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Beekeeping courses in Norfolk with a Master Beekeeper

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Learn to keep honey bees

Keeping bees is fun, but there is more to it than putting them into a hive and waiting for the honey!

If you’d like to look inside a beehive to see what’s going on or do enough training to start keeping your own bees then it is advisable to learn from someone properly qualified to teach you. The industry standard qualification to teach beekeeping is Master Beekeeper.

Becoming a British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) Master Beekeeper takes many years of study with multiple exams and practical assessments to pass before receiving this award.

Richard achieved Master Beekeeper status in 2018.

Successful learning requires quality teaching by someone suitably qualified in the subject with the necessary ability to transfer knowledge and skills to the student. Richard is a qualified teacher having taught Chemistry in a regarded Norwich high school.

This combination of beekeeping knowledge and teaching skills will ensure you receive the best available tuition. If you’d like to know more about the quality of the courses here at Staithe Farm please see our reviews and on Google.

Students often learn better in a small friendly group where teaching and learning flows freely and everyone in the group receives encouragement to learn at the right pace. Here, at Staithe Farm the maximum number of students is six, so all questions are answered as they arise.

Beekeeping courses at Staithe Farm vary between a Beekeeping Experience of approximately Two and a half hours duration, to a Two-day Introduction to Practical Beekeeping course designed to enable students to competently keep bees by the end of the course. Both courses are suitable for complete beginners and it is not necessary to complete the Experience course before enrolling on the Two-day course. However, if you are unsure if you wish to keep bees then it is advisable to attend the Experience course first.

Courses are held between May and August.

Accommodation for two people may be available for the course in our holiday cottage, or available locally. Please see details of our holiday cottage or contact us.

A freshly washed bee suit will be provided, but if you are serious about becoming a beekeeper it is advisable to purchase your own before attending. You are also advised to bring Wellington boots with sufficient room around the calf to allow the suit to be tucked in. Please also bring Marigold or similar rubber type gloves. For disease precautions no clothing etc used in another apiary is permitted in the Staithe Farm apiary unless it has been freshly laundered.

So, why come to Staithe Farm to learn about honeybees?

  1. Taught by a Master Beekeeper.
  2. Taught by a Qualified Teacher (QTS).
  3. Part of a friendly group of six, maximum.