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Customer Reviews

We present a selection of Customer Reviews of our Beekeeping Courses:

Two-Day course. Full coverage, hands-on. Knowledgeable tutor able to answer all questions. Any nervousness handling the bees disappeared as the amount of information given meant we were concentrating on the hive rather than the bees buzzing about your face!

Denise from Denton, Norfolk, June 2019

Two-Day course. Covered a lot of ground in an unhurried way. Very comprehensive and confidence building. Plenty of hands on practice.Very friendly.

Robin from Sharrington, Norfolk, May 2019.

Two-Day course. I loved the hands on experience.I found the bees fascinating and I understand the enthusiasm that Richard has. Richard is very clear and mixes the practical concerns of beekeeping beautifully. A FEW DAYS LATER BY EMAIL ....Just wanted to say thank you for the course. It was one of the best presents I’ve ever received. Whether or not I keep hives in the future, I will never forget doing the disease check on the brood. If you’d have told me a week ago that I’d be studying a frame of brood intently all but oblivious to bees crawling over my gloves I don’t think I would have believed you. Loved the apiary, loved the science, but most of all loved the bees.

Sean from Tunstead, Norfolk, May 2019.

Two-Day course. Really good level of information.Well organised and planned. Small group allowed more involvement. A must if considering beekeeping.

Ben from Holbeach, Lincs, May 2019.

Two-Day course. Very informative and great hands on experience. Provided a great insight to the basics of beekeeping. The course made me realise how extensive beekeeping is as a 'subject'.

Charlie from Corby, Northants, May 2019.

Two-Day course. Richard's approach from the word go was immense in the way he guided me through the at some times difficult process of the bees life cycle. I liked the way the course made me feel confident in all aspects of the process of getting to grips with the whole experience of handling the bees. I liked the way also the the moment of anything that was getting out of my depth Richard's approach to put confidence back in myself, the way also I had tremendous amount of hands on experience and also great one to one tutoring. I would highly recommend this great course to my colleagues because it's a great way to get to understand this subject from an experienced tutor in his field. Keep up the good work.

Trevor from East Carleton, Norfolk, June 2019.

Two-Day Course. I really felt we benefited from the significant amount of time outside, handling the bees. The course was packed full of excellent information, delivered in a friendly and relaxed way. I would definitely recommend the course. We learned so much as Richard was hugely knowledgeable and experienced.

Jackie & Mark, Tasburgh, Norfolk, June 2019.

Beekeeping Experience. Very interesting & informative. We not only listened & watched, but we were encouraged & able to have a go ourselves. It was such an amazing experience, we loved every second. We learnt so much in a short space of time. We loved the taster session & found it fascinating & very enjoyable/fun. We would really love to come back!

Samantha & Sally from Mulbarton, Norfolk, June 2018.

Beekeeping Experience. Very warm welcome to begin. Put us at ease and very hands on. It was very enjoyable. A great introduction, I would love to take the 2 day course.

Shirley & Georgie from Thurlton, Norfolk, June 2018.

Beekeeping Experience. I would recommend the bee taster experience. Fascinating about the life of the bee and its work to produce the homemade honey. Richard is bound by so much knowledge and gives others a thirst to learn. Thank you so very much xx.

Helen & Nick from Easton, Norfolk, June 2018.

A review of our 2-day intensive course

By Michael and Grace from Thurlton, Norfolk.

What did you like about the course?

What could be improved?

It would be good to see a follow up course for those about to shed the trainer wheels.

Would you recommend the course to anyone else and why?

Absolutely. Although beekeeping no doubt can involve a lifetime of learning, we found that the two-day course was a great way to find out whether it might be something for us. We left with a much better idea about the practicalities (time commitment, equipment needed, seasonal variations, and so forth). Best of all, we got some hands-on time with the bees (until you’ve picked up a full frame of bees, you probably won’t know for sure if beekeeping is for you!).

Any other comments?

Richard is very easy to get along with and made the course very interesting. Obviously extremely knowledgeable. We left feeling confident that we are ready to get started with our first couple of hives.